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About us

The founder of Computer Guru has over 49 years of experience in the computer technology profession. Our experience includes: Operating an Internet Service Provider, Web Design/Hosting and Computer Networking/Repair company, Computer Network Security Consultanting for Fortune 500 Corporations Global LAN/WAN's (Networks) and provided 3rd Tier Technical Support for Internet Service Providers and for Computer/Network Repair and Design. Additionally, he has extensive experience in software programming, database development and 30 years of website design.

Computer Services

Repair Depot (Drop-off For Repair)

Alternative Software Solutions

Computer Consulting

Computer Tune-ups

Data Transfers

Hardware Installations and Upgrades

Alternative Operating Systems

Laptop Repair

Malware & Virus Removal

Operating System Upgrades.

Outdated Computers Back To Work!

Remote Computer Repair


Web Services

Successful businesses today must stay on the cutting edge of technology and a presence on the World Wide Web (Internet) is critical. Have you avoided having a site made because of the exorbitant rates you have seen for this service?

Computer Guru, also known as FireSky Web Technology. Our mission is "To provide you with the best possible service for your investment".

You will be taken to the FireSky Web Technology website by clicking on the link below.

FireSky Web Technology

Examples of FireSky Web Site Designs

It has been said that "If you build it, they will come." At FireSky Web Technology we realize that this is not always true when you speak of web sites. Even the best looking, most functional and compelling sites sometimes need help getting traffic. Read More at FireSkyWeb.Com.

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